Our Process

When in foreclosure, a window of opportunity exists for a limited time. Your house can be lost by attempting a solution that is not available, or by not taking appropriate action in time. Your mailbox is likely to be filled each day with promises of solutions. People may even offer you money. These false promises are only for companies to ultimately take ownership of your home by delaying the foreclosure process. In the end, the homeowner will basically have no other alternative but to sell their home at a steep discount. Be vary wary of promises that sound too good to be true because most likely they are.

At HSI, we know the best alternatives for almost any situation. Sometimes your best option may not be through our company, in which case we will utilize our resources and refer you to a company best suited for your unique situation. Please let our three-step process assist you.

  1. First and foremost, it is important to understand the legalities of foreclosure and your options. Our specialists would be glad to answer any question you may have about foreclosure.
  2. Once your situation is completely understood a plan of action can be recommended. HSI is here to leave the options open for you to decide.
  3. Once you have been informed of your options, HSI can take immediate action to alleviate your foreclosure. Frequent communication and updates will be available to you. Please understand that Homestead Solutions represents you. Your repayment contract will be between your mortgage company and you. This will ensure you have complete control of the situation.


We collect the following information about the debtor:

  • Name, address, phone numbers and other contact information
  • Demographic information including age, gender, race, etc.
  • Information about the mortgages including companies and payment amounts
  • Information about the situation that caused the hardship


You must have a way to view PDF files. Click here to install Adobe Acrobat that will allow you to view and print our client package.

This form is available online so you can print it out, read it, fill out the necessary forms and return it to our office. Included in the Client Package are the following:

  • Scope of Services – Explains what we do and how we do it. It include a diagram of what the debtors’ option are once they fall behind on their mortgage.
  • Authorization to Release Information – This form is sent to your lenders alerting them that you will be working with our Agency and giving your lender permission to speak with our staff.
  • Hardship Letter – This gives the debtor an opportunity to explain what happened in their life to get them to this point where they are at risk of losing their home. This is a confidential letter that will only be read by the Foreclosure Intervention Advisor at Homestead Solutions, Inc. (HSI) assigned to your case and the Loss Mitigator at the bank. This letter must be dated, signed and explain in as much detail as possible the situation. Please feel free to include any supporting documentation with this letter.
  • Financial Statement – This gives your Foreclosure Intervention Advisor at HSI an idea of what kind of income is coming into the household and where the money is being spent. Extra time should be spent to ensure that this is filled out as correctly as possible.
  • Level 1 Action Plan – This outlines the steps that need to be taken prior to meeting with one of our Foreclosure Intervention Advisors. It also details the additional documentation you will need to collect and provide to us in order for us to begin the process of stopping the foreclosure.

STEP 3. Meet with your Foreclosure Intervention Advisor

It is always best to meet with the Advisor face-to-face. While we do allow people to conduct these sessions over the phone, we have found them to be more effective face-to-face. We ask that all adults in the household attend the meeting. Both spouses and any other adult living in the household that may be contributing to the household income are asked to participate.

The session will normally last 1 hour and the Advisor will analyze your situation, discuss your budget, review necessary documentation, explain the options available and write out a Level 2 Action Plan according to the decisions you make as to how you want to stop the foreclosure. The Level 2 Action Plan will lay out the steps that need to be taken to give you the best chance of success in reaching your desired goal. This meeting is required for all clients.


STEP 4. Workout Negotiation

Your Foreclosure Intervention Advisor will then begin contacting the appropriate people to negotiate a workout agreement that supports your desired goal. The Advisor will keep you up-to-date as to the progress happening on your file. You will be responsible for providing any additional documentation that the Advisor or Lender requests. This needs to be done in a prompt and timely fashion. Delays in this process can affect the outcome greatly, meaning the difference between stopping the foreclosure and losing the house to foreclosure.


STEP 5. Workout Agreement

Once a workout is negotiated, final documents will be provided by the lender for your signature. It is important to read all instructions carefully, sign the required documents, and send them to the appropriate place within the timeframe required. You must also provide HSI with a copy of any documentation you sign. This is a requirement and necessary for our agency to complete your file.

We are so confident of our abilities we will put our services in writing to you. Please click here and fill out our online information form to request a foreclosure specialist to get back to you within 48 hours. Or fill out our online Intake Form to help speed up the process.